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When only the best fish is good enough

Everyone wants fish from Schmidt Seafood Rotterdam!

Why? Because we don't just supply fish, we supply Schmidt Fish!

  • A trusted fish supplier to the catering industry for over 100 years
  • 133 kinds of fresh fish every day
  • We deliver six days a week, including Saturdays
  • 20 trucks with separate refrigerated/freezer compartments drive across the country to you every day
  • We buy from all major European auctions, so you are always assured of a wide range of super fresh fish
  • Fish that arrives at our warehouse is given a unique barcode and can be traced back to the kitchen
  • You can order by phone, email and online. We are available 24 hours a day!
  • Orders ordered before 24.00 are in your kitchen the next day
  • No fillets in stock, because we clean every fish to your liking
  • Expert team of fish consultants, some of whom have stood behind the stove themselves, who speak the chef's language
  • BRC-A certified
  • You receive interesting price offers and facts from the fish world every week
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About schmidt sea fish

Royal Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam has been around for more than 100 years and is a household name in culinary Holland.

From well-known chefs, trendy catering establishments, the supermarket on the corner to cruise ships. Everyone wants fish from Schmidt Zeevis! That is why we drive no fewer than twenty refrigerated trucks across the country. To you too!

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